Current DateNovember 4, 2022

What to say to your team when you are not sure of the future

Communicating with your Team
Not sure of the future

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted business across the world and its impact is still continuing. Team managers and the organization itself across the world are still trying to shift through the uncertainties of the future ahead. Not all organizations have or will be able to pivot or change their directions. This further increases the uncertainties of these organizations. As a manager, you are left to answer many questions which no one might have answers to. 

What to say to your team?

However, whenever faced with such questions, honesty is usually the best idea. It’s better to be honest with your team as that gives them a chance to contribute positively. For questions you do not have an answer to the best way is to say it to them. You will also have to try to understand their perspective on the matter.

Accept to them that you do not have the right information. Say that you would do your best to bring the right answer to them. Most of the times your team members are already aware of the situation. They just need an assurance to let go of their worst fears. One mistake we all make as a manager is that we try to cover up the bad news with diplomatic statements, paint it in better than it really is.

Let me assure you, it doesn’t help anyone. In fact the quicker your team gets the bad news, the better equipped they are. In fact they might become ready for the situation. Identify their strengths, inspire them with words they know are one about them, reaffirm your faith in them. Show them that you are aware of their skills and abilities. This should be individually as well as a team. You might be amazed how quickly they try to turn around the situation.

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