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Is it a good idea to put pressure on your sales team?

Is it a good idea to put pressure on your sales team?

Whenever we talk of revenue, everyone knows that it’s the responsibility of the sales team to hit the numbers. But Is it a good idea to put pressure on your sales team?

Usually pressure tactics work well but only when it’s used in moderate amounts on various teams. However when it comes to sales, putting your team under heat just to meet your number will almost always backfire.

The sales team

The sales team represents your company to the world with their promises of solutions to your customers. Under pressure, they become more focused on the consequences than what needs to be done. Usually it is this over concentration causes them to commit mistakes. Stress distracts us and we tend to over analyze anything, it causes stress.

The focus rather should be on the sales process to know the obstacles of their path. Knowing the cause of hindrance, and helping them where they need it is rather crucial. Helping them when they need it has its own benefits, which you can read at

Discussing their sales pitch, helping them plan the content, prepping them up for their next meeting. Also coaching them on methods to get in touch with the key decision makers at your clients are just a few areas that would prove to be helpful. Sales team always needs good examples to follow and help with how to adapt them into their skills. Remember that we hardly get to practise what we learn in real world scenarios. The focus is not to give a strong feedback at once. Rather it should be continuous improvements, however miniscule they might be.

Remember, Coal becomes Diamond under pressure, not people.

To read about how to manage the tendency to micro manage, please read this article. Here I try to elaborate where I feel micromanaging has an effect.

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