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Managing the tendency to Micro Manage

Managing the tendency to Micro Manage

Managing the tendency to Micro Manage is very important. Entrepreneurs who start out small with their ideas and grow by doing most of the things themselves, tend to become micro managers.

As they do more and more things themselves, they learn a lot with their experience. However, that also makes them trust the judgment of others less when it comes to their business. This tendency fuels micro management later on when their company starts to grow.

Even in others, micro management is hardly ever a good managerial trait. It’s very tough to change the habits which lead to micro management. So, how to manage these tendencies/habits?

Managing the tendency to micro manage

Determining what’s to be delegated and outlining what to delegated, to what degree and to whom should always be the first step.

Trust yourself that what you have learnt with your experience has also given you the knowledge to be able to identify the right people for the tasks.

Once you have decided the above, all you need is to communicate your expectations to them. After that, all you should do is offer them your support only when they need it. Providing them with the needed resources and trusting them with the delegated task is the best way to move ahead.

Trust me when I say that frequently checking in to see how they are doing isn’t going to help in any way. Rather, it might decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of your team more. Know that the right people tend to do better when they are given the autonomy to finish their tasks their way.

Also, always plan to delegate more than you might be comfortable with. Managers who are better at delegation, almost always have a higher team success than those who obsess themselves with too much details.

Empower your teams more for better results by Managing the tendency to Micro Manage.

And by the way, Delegation helps you worry less.

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