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Listening is a must up-skill if you want to be a good Manager!

A picture of many ears showing how important listening is

As a young manager, I have always thought I have to talk a lot. Everyone who has worked or is working with me knows that I love talking. It’s just that I always feel that my team should have all the knowledge they can. Explanation is required for the situations. Definition of goals need to be provided. Above all, I feel guilty if ever someone does something the wrong way. It makes me feel as if I was unable to explain it correctly. But I forgot that listening is a must. Does it happen with you all to?

I came to realise sometimes back that although speaking is an essential part of communication. Overdoing it becomes over communicating and might suppress the creativity and originality of the people around. I realize that more often than not, I end up hogging up most of the time in meetings. And I gave very little time and space to others to express what they wanted. I can often anticipate my team members. And knowing what’s going on with them added fuel to that fire. I was because often the queries got answered even before they could voice it. That led to bottled up feelings of not being heard. It also upped their expectation towards me as a manager.

The Realization – Listening is a must

What I understood, when one of my trusted team member pointed out, that even though we might already know what’s happening, we should at least listen as much as we speak. And by that I, literally, mean the time. In fact, one of the facts I have started employing effectively in this direction. Depending upon the number of people present, I let a few others express themselves on a point that is being presented. I let them even answer the questions even.

In fact, I do not even start to speak until a few have. That way, it makes everyone feel heard. If someone speaks what I had in mind, I simply attribute my thoughts to them. It makes them feel appreciated even more. I often try to talk to my team members one on one to know about them. Listening is indeed one of the most underrated skills amongst most of us. But is used by legendary managers and leaders so very effectively.

The action

Our course “Communication skills” incorporates “listening” as a very important skill. And we share so much more about utilising listening as a super-powerful tool of communication. To know more about the course please visit Nxt Academy and drop us a note.

The Tip

Ask about someone’s want, need, concerns and go silent. You would be surprised how much you learn when you are not saying anything and just nodding.

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