Current DateNovember 6, 2022

Anecdotes & their values in life

A picture of Jelly Fish to represent how anecdotes are - elusive but powerful

When we were kids, everyone is telling us stories, trying to teach us things in life. Whether its anecdotes, short stories, moral based or other stories. And we are told that they will help in our lives. And, most of us think loudly in our minds : Hein!! Rubbish/Crap etc etc. What will stories of Rabbits, or Lions or Tigers or Birds teach us about Human Life…

What happens we grow up

Then we grow up a little. Our elders still try to teach us about life through anecdotes of incidents of their lives. Or again short stories with morals to make us a better person… Again we think: “What rubbish!! They don’t even know what we are facing. The intense level of competition & pressure and everything attached to it. They never faced anything like this. And they think that what they learnt is applicable to our lives too.”

Then suddenly, a day comes when we realise, ohhh!! This has been my way of doing things since I don’t know when. All inculcated in me due to those stories/anecdotes I heard from them. And I am what I am today because of those stories…

I heard an anecdote today & I realized something

Today, the same thing happened.. One of my School senior, or I should say, Super Seniors shared a set of stories with us. And I got a chance to go through them after a small storming session with my office friends. And I realised, WOW!!!! That’s something I heard way back. But I didn’t realize the value of it till today when I am re reading/hearing it.

Before sharing these small stories I would like to mention a small fact:

We are what we all are “Courtesy to these small stories & Anecdotes shared with us by all our family, elders & friends, specially Parents”


More than that “We are what we are because of our those “Rubbish/Crap etc etc” reactions to those Stories & Anecdotes”.

Aren’t we? What’s your take…..


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