Current DateNovember 4, 2022

Selfishness & People

An image which shows that Selfishness often leads to being left alone

Why are people by nature so selfish? Always ignoring the reality, not caring for what other people feel about. They even deny the truth, lying to even themselves, just to keep themselves content even at the expense of others. It’s selfishness when Parents deny their children their rights to choose their career path. They deny them choice of life, even deny them their choice of life partners. Life partners with whom the parents would not share even an iota of what their partner would..

Parents ignoring Children

In their self-centeredness they make the lives of their children miserable. So much that in the end they lose what spirit is with them. All this often just for the sake of satisfying their ego of being able to decide everything. Sometimes just for even to prove to someone who they care and hence they decide. Mostly for the sake of their false pride and sometimes simply because they don’t care about their children rather their own selfish existence.

Partners ignoring each other

Partners ignore the feelings and wants to satisfy their whims and fancies. They ignore the only person who shares and sacrifices everything for them. The one who stands by them all the time, might really need for the heart to be happy and content. They ignore even the most basic need of listening, speaking and sharing. It is just to make the excuse that even they have problems. That even they need someone to understand them and hence they can ignore what their partner might need. This is what is called Egotism.

Children getting back at their parents

In their selfishness, Children ignore their parent’s needs and wants. Sometimes just because they simply don’t care, sometimes they forget. And more than often just because their parents ignored them when the child needed them. Sometimes because they were forced other’s wills & requirements but now they can get back at them.


In being self-centered What all of them forget is that these people, the parents, children & the partners have no right to treat the other the way simply because they also have their problems, wants & requirements. The fact that you have an ego, just simply doesn’t justify your ignoring the other. Because you have a problem, does not justify the reason of you making the lives of others miserable too. Just because you were ignored & not treated well doesn’t justify your ignoring & treating the other the same way.

Why can’t we simply make each others lives more comfortable & loving, and not make them miserable just because we have problems.

What’s the justification..


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