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Why you should stop overthinking about your mistakes

Why you should stop overthinking about your mistakes?

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Very few would agree when I say the following. Words you use to express yourself to your own is one of the most effective methods to stop overthinking about the mistakes you make. Many of us tend to rewind and relive our mistakes. All the while knowing that it’s not going to change a thing. Rumination leads to serious anxiety and affects our overall productivity.

How to stop overthinking

To stop going down that path, it is especially important to find what leads us to taking that path one after another. Rumination also entices negative thoughts in our heads. And often these negative thoughts take a root in us and we forget that they are just that “thoughts” and not a reality. This is where the actual play of words can help us. But more on that in a while. First let us deal with rumination which leads to these thoughts. Finding the causes of these start of replays like topics, people or even objectives is the first step.

Anything that makes you second guess yourself goes on the list. I am not saying that you haven’t made a mistake. However, once you have identified your mistake and the cause behind it, move on. If others remind you of it purposely, ask them to stop and stop interacting with them. May be sometimes or someone is triggering them unconsciously, try to short circuit the train of thoughts by distracting yourself. If your brain keeps speaking, take a walk, meditate discuss a topic you enjoy. Write something, do anything that can help you focus on one point. 


Now, coming back to how rumination has deeper impact on how you think about yourself. Remember, when I said, they are just “thoughts”. Well, learn to say these. When you think, “I am not productive “, force yourself to say, “I think I am not productive”. If someone says that you are not suitable for the job – Reply. Say that “they feel that you are not suitable for the job, but in reality, you are”. These small tweaks help you and others in differentiating your negative and mistakes from the real you. Your mind learns to identify the real you from your mistakes and gets rewired to focus on positive and not repeat your mistakes again. I hope it helps some of you at least.

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