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Is timeboxing a better way?

An image of a Calendar to explain the time boxing concept

Have been reading up on OKRs for some time now. Although it seems quite straightforward in the beginning, but it is not that easy after all. It is based on an amazingly simple idea of finding what needs to be done. And putting an absolute deadline to it.

Simple, right? It is supposed to be simple. However the moment you try to step outside of your zone and try to help/get your team to implement it, the simplicity goes away. Although everyone seems to understand the concept, you get a few excited noises, some agreeing nods, it seems everything is lost the moment they step outside the discussion. Although, lists are made, steps identified, promises to do things right are done, nothing gets finished, queries to the reason are explained through what took away the time, lack of resources and absence of coordination.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

It does. It is the same as everything else that does not get done on time. So, to solve this, I have thought of a step by step solution. For my team, I am first going to create the organisational to do list, the goals, targets, tasks – the first result. Then I am going to break them down into small to do tasks. And I am going to put it in a time box on a calendar which everyone can see.

Each task is going to put on a timer based on how it is to be done. And will make it visible to everybody. Then once that’s made clear as to what is the deadline for each task to be done, everyone can take over their own individual parts out of each task. And assign their own deadlines with consultation of their colleagues they are dependent upon for their task.

An example

For example, one of the tasks can be finishing a blog post of 1500 words each week on Friday. And it isto be posted on Monday. That can involve the digital marketing and understand the topic. The content writer has to write the headline based on the topic and objective while the graphic designer can design the needed Graphics. The content writer also needs to come up with the content and any required summaries for the promotion and sharing of the post on time. All this needs to be finished on Friday. It is for review over the weekend and be posted on Monday. This is to be repeated every week. So everyone involved would need to set a deadline for each task every week.

The same would be needed to be repeated for every task. The biggest benefit of timeboxing the tasks over a shared calendar should be the ability of the team members to see when each part is going to be done. What the expected time to finish for each team member is will give them clarity of their goals.

In my personal opinion getting a feeling of having a control of your to do list. And being able to finish the task on time is very empowering and makes everyone concerned including ourselves happier.

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