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It’s the Audience… Stupid

An image depicting methods to connect with the target audience

If I could coin a marketing acronym that would endure like WIIFM (what’s in it for me) It would be ITAS (it’s the audience, stupid). By audience I mean “Target Audience”.

Through the entire marketing process–product, price, place and promotion–you must keep your eye focused at all times on your target audience. From the first decision to the last decision.

You’ve heard the real estate phrase “location, location, location”. That’s really about target audience. You don’t need the location where all people are. You need the location where your people, your prospective customers are or at least want to go.

If you find a point in development that you selected the wrong target audience, retread the ground you’ve already covered. It is like taking a wrong turn on unfamiliar roads without a map–your fastest route to get on course is to go back to where you took the wrong turn.

If you don’t, you have no idea where you’re going, you’ll run out of gas, the sun will go down and you will die. Ok, that’s harsh. But it’s going to be scary!

What not to do for your audience

No matter how much money you invest, if you are not:

  1. meeting the needs of your target audience,
  2. pricing it properly given your customers’ perception of your position in the marketplace,
  3. clearly communicating how you can meet those needs to the right people,
  4. selling it where your prospective customers are or want to go,
  5. setting the atmosphere your customers want to experience your product

you are wasting your money!

Sure, some businesses luck out and stumble into an unintended audience. They might also have such a unique product that customers will go through the hassle to get there. I can’t happen to think of one off the top of my head. But I’m sure there’s been such a lucky business. Wouldn’t you rather be good than take a chance you might be lucky?

Few mistakes are fatal. But, let’s face it, money is finite. So Keep It Simple–It’s the Audience, Stupid

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